I need a restart button for the day

Well I stayed up too late last night.  I was very emotional about a few things but I know God is working it out.  It just kept my mind up too late!  So I woke up very tired and forgot I had to work...:(  i ended up being an hour late!!!  I felt so so bad but thankfully they gave me grace and forgave me.  By then it was just an odd day with being rushed and things getting pushed back because also on Friday's I clean the church and today I was also prepping a Father's Day activity for Children's church.  So i just got home and I am exhausted... i am heading to bed!  I would appreciate any and all prayers!

Thanks blogging friends!


~ Mona said…
I think we could all use a restart button now and then.
Wishing you a better night's sleep.
Sending prayers your way.
~ Mona

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