Keeping Cool! What do you do?

Well winter was extremely long this year and spring took forever to arrive but summer showed up so fast with today reaching near 100 and humidity very high.  I am a fan of summer and I do love the heat but when the heat does reach as high as it did today with humidity that high it makes me think about my kids and making sure they are not getting dehydrated or heat stroke.

Today we went swimming and had ice cream, 2 of my favorite things to do on hot summer days.  What do you like to do to stay cool?

We do have an air conditioner but we barely use it.  We live in an apartment and are in the lower unit so it does not get too hot.  Today on this hot day it only got to 76 degree's in the house... which is not bad at all.

I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter and I would clean the fridge often to cool down.  I would also take cool showers before bed and go to bed with a wet head and a fan on me to stay cool.  When I woke up and was hot I would go put more water on my head n hair to cool off.

My husband always tells me the story of when he was growing up and they did not have air conditioning but they had ice cubes.  He said that him and his brother would sit on the kitchen floor playing with ice cubes to stay cool!  How cute is that!  I can picture it so well!

So with lakes, pools, sprinkler pads all out in many communities what is your favorite way to cool down?  Ice, Ice cream, Lemonade, and Kool-Aid, which one do you prefer?



Jenn said…
Im trying to find good ways to keep Grace cool this summer! Last night I used a fun washcloth that was a puppet, and put an icepack inside of it so she could lay with it, but I didnt need to worry about it getting to cold on her skin! Pass along any great ideas you get, I can use them!

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