Lesson learned the hard way...

I was a bit of an idiot today!  I was outside from 9:30-2 and never applied sunscreen!  I usually am very good at remembering to apply it, and its not like I forgot I put it on my daughter but I had Titus in the Moby and did not want to get any on him so I said to myself I would wait till we got to the park and take him out of the Moby and apply some... never did!  DUMB mistake by me!

LOOK at ME!!  I look like a big raccoon since I was wearing sunglasses!  LOL!  My hubby came home from work today and I did not get a "hi sweetie how was your day" I got "hahahaha, you forgot your sunscreen" followed with a even bigger laugh.  I usually get one little burn to help me remember to apply sunscreen the rest of summer but this year I got a bad burn!  :(  ICKY!

Even my neck is red and the back of my legs!  LESSON LEARNED!  I will not forget sunscreen!  I have to admit this is the second time this year I have gotten sun burned.  I went on a hour and half walk 2 weeks ago and my arms got red and sore.  You would think that I would have learned my lesson that time!  LESSON LEARNED FOR SURE!

I feel a lil bummed cause little Titus got a little red on his one cheek.  I thought I had him covered well but one cheek got some color.   It is not near the damage I did to my self.  Lots of aloe to be applied to myself and him.

Anyone else daring enough to share pictures of their sunburns?

So I am going to do a couple more posts about sunscreen and sun protection especially for infants!  STAY TUNED!  :)


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