A meat guy came to sell me meat...

So the doorbell rang and a guy from a nearby town meat market... I forget the name but not the Shwans guy.  They offered a pretty good deal and the steaks looked yummy but my freezer is small and my hubby was not home so I was not willing to spend $150 on meat.  It averaged to be $2 a steak and the steaks were HUGE!!!  They looked so tasty!

Do you buy your meat from specialty stores?  in bulk?  Only once in awhile when on sale so its a super duper treat like me?


ChinaDoll said…
awww...too bad your hubby was not there...but there will always be next time, you might even get a better deal than what they've offered you now :)
Ashley S. said…
We buy our meat at a local butcher shop because the quality is so much better and it's way cheaper than Wal-Mart or anywhere else.

One time my Grandma had a meat guy come by her house and tell her his meat truck broke down and he needed to get rid of all the meat in his truck. He promised to give her a good deal. So, my grandma being the kind hearted woman she is, bought all his meat only to find out afterward that his truck wasn't broken at all. It was a scam!

So, needless to say, our family is a little leery of men selling meat out of meat trucks! :)
annies home said…
we have bought our meat from salesmen, butchers,farmers, grocery stores where ever the best deal is

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