Need some help with my blog...

So I love the look of my blog but I need to have a few menu buttons on the top.

Such as:
About me
Blog hops
Praise Reports
Cute things my kids say or do
PR Friendly
Awesome Tips

What else do I need? How do I go about doing that?  I understand html code a teeny tiny bit... hmmm?


Unknown said…
Go to your dashboard. Design. Page elements. Add a gadget. Pages.
Ok I did the dashboard thing and went to add a gadget and pages, but it wont let me put it under my banner and it wont let me add more then one category. I am still confused. I thought I was getting the hang of this thing... uggg
Unknown said…
from your dashboard click new post. then there are those tabs that say posting, comments, settings, etc. under that you should see new post (the section you are currently on), edit posts, and edit pages. click the edit pages. that is where you add a new page. hope that helps! cant wait to see what you do! :D
Holly said…
Here's a video that shows you exactly what to do:

Have fun. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Ok, so I have them up on my blog... but I still have some questions.

How do I get my posts to be in there?

Can I change the size and font of them?

Thanks you all are helping a lot!!!
Holly said…
Posts do not generally go onto other pages like you've got on the navigation bar now. Pages are static--set up to remain the same all the time. They do not collect posts, no matter how you set them up. I guess it depends on if you want posts or pages.

You can set up categories that you can sort your posts into. I've seen this done on the sidebar, but you could do it at the top where your navigation bar is too.

I'm not really an expert on any of this!!! Just a HACK. ;-D There are a bunch of tutorials like the one I sent you on setting up categories and putting the on the navigation bar. For example:

Create categories:

Put the categories on the navigation bar:

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