Out with the family last night: First baseball game of the season.

Last night we went to our local minor league baseball teams game.  It was Titus's first game but this was our 4th time seeing them play the last 2 years.  God sure loves to bless us since every time we have gone we have gotten free tickets... AMEN!  :)  What a blessing.  Earlier this week a different youth pastor in town that my hubby meets with often invited us out to meet the families.  :)   We were on our way when he called and said don't buy your tickets I am stopping to get free tickets for us!  :)  AWESOME!  The first time we went to the ball park it was with our students and we were waiting in line when a  nice lady gave all of us tickets to get in!  :)  YIPPEE!  Then a friend from church is a Realtor and he got lots of free tickets and gave us enough to take the youth group again! :)  Then while I was at the game a dear friend of mine messaged me and said she wants to take us to a game since her hubby gets free tickets at his job!  WOW!  LORD, I love being showered in blessings.  :) God also blessed us with keeping storms away and weather warm. :) Oh and our team won 7-6!  YIPPEE!  It was a great game and after the game they had a fireworks show!  :)  AWESOME NIGHT! 

Here are a few memories from last night!  


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