She was caught doing this...

It was so adorable!!!  I had just finished tucking my sweet 3 year old daughter in bed and only a couple minutes later I could here her singing.  She was not just singing but singing in her fan so her voice sounded all goofy and funny.  So I listened for a minute and I hear her giggling and singing "Jesus i will love you forever...oh yay Jesus I love you."  So I started to walk in her room and she screams and runs to her bed as she knows she is not suppose to be out of her bed and says "mom you scared me."  

I love hearing my daughter declaring how much she loves Jesus!  :) 


Larissa said…
She's so stinkin' adorable! You have a good girl there :)
~ Mona said…
That is just too sweet.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, leaving a comment.
I'm now your newest follower.
~ Mona : )

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