Some tips to note...

S-SHADE!  It will be cooler and will give some relief.  BE aware that shade does not protect you from the UV RAYS... YOU CAN GET SUN BURN!

S-SUNSCREEN!!  The sun can burn your skin in under 15 minutes so always were sunscreen!  I usually stick with at least SPF 30 but at least use SPF15.  Check the expiration dates, reapply after swimming or after 2 hours of being in the sun.  Also apply 15 minutes before you go out in the sun to allow the chemicals to react with your skin.

S-SUNGLASSES!  You want a pair that will block the UVA and UVB rays to protect your eyes from cataracts

H-HATS!  I always put a hat on my baby boy for protection.

C-CLOTHING!  You can wear light and breathable clothes that cover much of the skin.  This is the hardest thing as a mom to find light clothes that breath for my little man.

Remember that even on hazy or cloudy days you still can get sun burn.  BE CAREFUL and use some of the above tips for your safety.


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