Thankful Thursday's

Undeserving Grace

Here is my weekly post on what I am thanking God for this week:

1. Reconnecting with my sister... it has been a few years!  :)  She got to meet my kids for the first time and that brought me some joy.

2. A great fun visit with my dad.

3. The blessing of clothes given to me, Selah, and Titus!  :) YIPPEE!!!

4. Cotton Candy and Mini Donuts that my dad treated me and Selah too!  :)

5. Parades... I think they are fun!  And Selah did not freak out with seeing the clowns or Root Beer guy!  :)  YES!!!

WHAT are your praises this week?


Sylvia Phillips said…
Hello! I'm visiting fro Undeserving Grace. You have a lovely family and blog. I am following you and hope you'll visit me and follow too!

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