Why do you blog?

I am curious as to why everyone out there blogs?

For me I want to blog about my daily stuff with my kids so they can one day look back at it.  :)  I have fun during the day to write and share.  I also hope to do company reviews, make money, try products... etc etc!  :)  One other big thing is I want to share God's love!  :)

So why are you blogging?


Kiddothings said…
I'm blogging for a little me time, for therapy, as an expressive outlet, for my kids to have a good laugh when they read about how they drove me crazy and yes, hopefully to make a little money.
Holly said…
I blog to record the fun times and special things I/we do with Darbee Rae. I have my blogs published twice a year into a blog book. That way, I have "memory books" to document special times and our day to day lives. What treasures these are to look back on. I too would love to start doing product reviews/give aways.
Anonymous said…
I blog to relax and say whatever is on my mind...no holding back...although I use appropriate language...I also love reading other blogs and learn something new from each and everyone...I love to share lessons in life and share tips I have learned, and learn from others as well...Happy Blogging...
Holly-how much does it cost to publish your blog? Can you pick and choose what posts you publish?
Ashley S. said…
I blog because I love to write and share my thoughts and opinions with people. I also use it as kind of a journal to remember things, but mostly I want to use my blog as a place to showcase my writing when I am applying for freelance jobs.
Savannah said…
I think there are several reasons why I blog. One, I like to write :) It's also a way for me to connect with other Christian moms, and some who homeschool too! (since I'm just getting started with it..I need lots of tips and advice!) I also would like to bring in some kind of income with this...try to be a little Proverbs 31-ish with it.I've done a couple of reviews and it's in the works to receive a new product to review soon!

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