Chalk Fest 2011

It was yet again jaw dropping talent this year at the annual chalk fest. I think over the next couple weeks I will post a picture from the event and make it fun for a couple weeks.  :)  I am going to start with my favorite one.  

I found it odd that my favorite picture this year was a black and white one.  It was amazing to see the details in the baby and hand.  The girls in the picture are the a whopping 15 and 16 years old.  :) BIG TALENT!  GOOD JOB GIRLS!  

Again, this chalk drawing was done by a 15 and 16 year old!  

Look for more pictures through out the next couple weeks!  :) 


Unknown said…
wow that is beautiful!
Savannah said…
so impressive! I can barely draw stick figures!
Karen said…
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The Bat Cave said…
I Stumbled here :) Thanks to the Stumble Tumble Hop!

my post is:
Unknown said…
WOW they are some amazing artists! I stumbled you, here is my link:
Maria Matter said…
Wow! incredible and so beautiful!
Thanks for sharing!

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Maria, Joyful Stamper

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