Christmas shopping in July! 75% off toys at Target! :)

I went to Target today since I had been hearing 75% off toys!  I got a couple really cool things for my daughter!
I got:
 Crayola Color Explosion regular priced at 19.99 and paid 4.77!
1 Zhu Zhu pet regular price 5.99 paid 2.50!
Zhu Zhu pet ice cream parlor regular price 20.05 and paid 5.02!
A shirt for lil man regular price 7.99 and paid 4.00!

Then in the dollar section they had some really awesome things for preschool aged kids.  I got 3 different kinds of flash cards, counting puzzle, pencils, fun animal sound cards, dry erase board, coupon booklet!

WHAT A great shopping trip!   This picture shows my loot.  I paid $28.69 for all of this good stuff!  Now I have to go hide some presents until Christmas!  There was also this dress up outfit but I put it daughter has several and I have a feeling she will get some for her birthday!


Mandi said…
Woo! LOVE the 75% off sale! I try to stock up on birthday gifts for my son's friends for the year, so that when we get invited to a party we just have to go into my closet to pick out a gift. You got some amazing deals on that Crayola and Zhu Zhu stuff! And I love their dollar section right now too! I think I bought one of everything there the other day. Lol.
Unknown said…
Great deals. I have been Christmas shopping deals since March. My closet is full of odds and ends on sale Christmas gifts.
Mandi- I was thinking about birthday gifts too and would have bought a few more things but budget is tight so only a couple Christmas presents will do. :)

Our Crazy Bunch- Christmas shopping in March... WOW!!!