Fish boil

Well we had a wonderful evening in the North Woods at a district meeting for Four-Square pastors and families.  This was our 3rd annual fish boil that we have attended and it get bigger and better each year.  :) It is a wonderful time of fellowship and yummy food.  Many of you are probably thinking, "you boil fish??"  YES and it is great but you have to do it right with the right's an art.  The fish we ate tonight was Canadian Trout!  YUMMY!

All the food ready to get in the boiling water.  

adding the kosher salt

Fish ready to go for a dunk.  

I was too excited to eat that I never took any photos of the cooked fish.  LOL

After eating there was a friendly game of basketball with some of the pastors including my hubby... talk about a bunch of sweaty guys.  They then tried to give hugs out which was NASTY!  Sweat dripping every where is not a nice hug.