Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk! Chalk idea #8

So I got this idea from Quirkymomma.  There are a lot of great ideas on her site so go check it out!  :) 

Here is what you need to do Fizzing Sidewalk Chalk:

A container of baking soda
1/2 cup of cornstarch
Warm (almost hot) Water
Food coloring

I went to my dollar store to pick up the cornstarch, baking soda, and a spray bottle and I already had food coloring.  :)  So this made for a very affordable afternoon of fun.  

So in my container I mixed the baking soda, cornstarch and water and food coloring and stirred.  I was unsure of how the consistency was suppose to turn out and that was the difficulty I had.  I added a bit more water.  I think the stuff kinda was similar to oobleck which makes me want to make some of that soon too, but that made it difficult to really make any neat design with it. 

After you get the stuff mixed then you put it out on the sidewalk and then use a spray bottle of vinegar to watch the fizzing start.  :)  

My daughter enjoyed the fun!  She thought it was very cool to see the bubbles.  If she was a bit older we would have been able to discuss some science terms.  :)  I guess we will have to do it again.  :) 

The clean up was very easy also... BONUS!!!  :) I also had my daughter help in the clean up.  I got water in a bucket and gave her a cup to spill on her art.  It was all part of the fun! :) 

Next I am going to try to make some liquid sidewalk chalk and use spray bottles with them.  I will blog about how that turns out.  :)Do a little compare and contrast on the 2 of them.  :) 

What are some of the fun activities you are doing with your children?  


Unknown said…
My child care kids had fun with this activity, I love Quirkymomma! When I did this, I didn't mix it well, but they still had fun. I'm gonna try it again this week. We also did the sidewalk paint and they totally loved it!
This sounds like so much fun. I'm going to try this on the next sunny day here!

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