Gum Wall's

Has anyone added to Seattle's famous gum wall?  Is there any other gum wall's around?  I found a small start to one near me... i did not add to it cause it is so small it looks more like graffitti.  So when does it go from graffiti to art?  I'm curious??  I am going to keep my eye on this wall and see if it get's cleaned up or if is the next big gum wall.  

Here is a neat image of the Seattle wall.

The next 2 pics are a wall near me.  What do you think art or graffiti?   

Could this be the next Seattle wall? 


Bethe77 said…
Very interesting!
I didnt knwo about the gum wall in Seattle. I guess I am going to have to go there. Only a few hours a way and could vivit mom and other family while Im there.
Didnt even know anything like this existed in the world.
Yours could be a start of a new gum wall. Id wait and see though.
Unknown said…
ha. I have seen the gum wall 'art' in real life and truly I find it gross. That is it. ;) ha-ha
Well, the gum wall here has been taken down.