HOO are you?


1. How did you spend the 4th of July?
On Sunday we went to the carnival, then out to eat with friends we have not seen in 2 years.  Following that we had a BBQ at a friends house for dinner, and then met at another friends for Fireworks that evening.  On Monday we went to a parade that never actually took place but ended up letting our daughter play with her friend in the big water fountains.  :) Then we relaxed and played at home.  Hubby and I enjoyed a movie in the evening. 

2. What was a couple of your favorite things you ate for the 4th of July?
hmmm... I had typical BBQ food!

3. Did you watch fireworks?
Yes, we watched on Sunday evening.

4. What is your favorite firework?
The ones you watch for free!  :) 

5. How hot was it where you were for the 4th?
We were in the 80's!  Perfect weather!


Angel Johns said…
I love the pictures of all the hands praying! What a great testimony!
Cathy Kennedy said…
4th fun with the family, no better way to spend it, huh?

~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
Leslie said…
It sounds like you had a great day! Thanks for linking up to hoo are you!