Interview waiting game

As mentioned I had an interview at 8am today for a CD teacher position at my favorite school in the area.  I think the interview went well!  It is hard to know at this point if I got the job.  I know they said a decision will be made early next week.  I hate doing the waiting game.

I was nervous for this interview and I am not sure why.  I guess I have completely handed this over to God and am trusting him with it.  I sure had the enemy attacking me though with lies early this morning. I woke up to feed lil man at about 4am and I had a bad tummy ache and hot flashes.  I immediately started thinking maybe I am not suppose to go on this interview, but then realized that illness is not from God and started praying and started to feel a little better.  At 6am I woke up to use the bathroom and the ache was back.  I started thinking in my head how I would call and ask to reschedule because I was ill, but I decided that I would not do that either.  I did end up going to the bathroom 3 times.  I used the bathroom one more time then headed out the door.  As I was driving I started to laugh at the fact that my tummy was hurting... you know laughing is medicine right?!?  :)  I also was praying and told God I completely trust him with the out come and went in knowing I would give it my best.

So now that it is done I just have to wait.  I know I would be a good fit for the school as I have subbed their many many times.  I just have no idea how many other people applied and that they are interviewing.  I do know that they said they had a couple more interviews yet this week.

So if I get the job their will be lots of little changes around here but they will all be good.  If I don't get the job then I will continue to be great wife and mom which is the best job by far.  It was a very hard decision to even apply but at this point we feel it would be great if I was teaching.  I would have holidays off and summer off.  We would not have to have our kids in daycare all day either.  My hubby has Monday's off so that will be Daddy day and he does not go to work till 10am so I know my kids will only be in daycare from 9:45 to about 4.  :)

All in all I know God has his hand upon me and is guiding me.  Thanks for your prayers and I will update you all when I hear the news.  :)


Holly said…
Hoping things work out for you. I too am going back to work teaching next year. :)
Kim Bee said…
Stopping by from Thankful for Friends Thursday. Hope you can pop by both my blogs. Nice to meet you. Kim