More Vaccine drama

Has anyone read the article on Yahoo, "Pediatricians turn away kids who have aren't vaccinated." 

Here is the article, click above link to read the full article:

When an investigation proved early this year that research linking autism and vaccines was fraudulent, it seemed the debate over when or whether to immunize children might quiet down. But new voices have piped up in the vaccine controversy, and this time, they belong to pediatricians.

While most parents do choose to vaccinate their children on schedule with their doctors' recommendations, the trend of delaying or opting out of scheduled shots worries many pediatricians. And some pediatric practices are responding by requiring patients to get immunized on schedule or to find another doctor -- no shots, no service.

Why would a pediatric practice show anti-vaccine families to the door? Dr. Scott J. Goldstein of the Northwestern Children's Practice in Chicago, where a vaccine policy was implemented June 1, said they do it to protect children and to provide better care for all the patients he and the seven other staff pediatricians see.

Pointing to a strong scientific record supporting vaccinations, Goldstein said his practice's policy serves the most vulnerable children -- like infants and those with critical illnesses who are not able to be immunized  -- by protecting them from diseases. All of those children could be in the waiting room together, some pediatricians note, and the unvaccinated ones could be putting the more vulnerable ones at risk.

So what do you think?  I am not sure how I feel.  I do think that as a medical professor you should be able to say no to things when you feel strongly about them such as a doctor who will not perform abortions or work where they are performed.  I never thought doctors would turn away patients who have not been vaccinated.  I wonder if doctors are doing this what the schools might start to do?  


Jenn said…
I think it is great because they are not stopping people from receiving medical treatment, they make a point of saying they will refer patients to other Dr.'s. If they were just showing them the door I would disagree with it, but because they do offer an alternative I think its great they are standing up for what they believe.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I generally shy away from this topic but...

I choose to have my girls on an alternative schedule, and I have a doctor who supports my rights as a mom. Both my girls have had severe reactions, so we limit the number and the length between injections.

Since the girls are home with me {not in daycare or school} it hasn't been an issue.

I am not anti-vaccine, but I am cautious about how much meds are put into my girls bodies.