I was only very excited last week when I got the phone call to set up the interview but now today I am nervous.  I have an interview on Wednesday morning for a CD teacher position at a great school. :)  I have subbed in the building many times and love it there!  I think it would be a huge blessing for my family if I took the job and I think I would enjoy it.  :)  I have always said that if I was going to work full time it would be a teacher so I could get all holiday's off and summers off to spend with my kids.  I know it is bitter sweet to think about leaving my lil man who will only be 5 months when school starts, but I still think it would be very good for us. :) 

Prayers would be appreciated!  THANKS!


Luana said…
Praying all goes well with your interview! I'm sure you'll be great! If God be for you who can be against you :)
Aurie said…
Praying. Relax and do your best!


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