Night time chat

I love having conversations with my daughter.  I decided to not read a book this evening but to tell her how daddy and I met.  So as I got on with my story I told her that we went to see Finding Nemo in the theater and she had to stop me and tell me about her date with her daddy.  In April my hubby took her to see Hop.  It was so funny because that was months ago and she had some very good details she remembered.  She said, "mommy you remember daddy took me to Hop.  I had a bad cough still but it was ok I still had fun at Hop.  Daddy was silly and he did not have a tissue you for my nose so he told me to wipe my nose on his shirt, hahahahahah."   It was so funny.  I was giggling along with her for at least a good solid couple minutes.  I had to reinforce that we do use tissues when we need to wipe our noses not a shirt.  LOL!!!  I am going to have fun asking Anthony about this one!  :)  hehehehe


It's true every bit of it.

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