?? On Pampers Gift to Grow

Has anyone noticed in the rewards section that it says you can get a $500 zappos.com shopping spree for only 10 of your points.  IS THIS WORKING???  Do you really get to spend that???  It does not say sweepstakes or anything else.  CURIOUS!!!  I went ahead and spent 10 of my points to see what happens.

Wondering what the deal is... cause that would be very awesome!


It is for a sweepstakes. I was so curious after your post I went and checked it out. It is very misleading that it doesn't state anywhere-except in the fine print-that it isn't a sweeps. I see a $25 gift card is 2,700 points. Well, good luck and maybe after all you will win! :)
Yep it is a sweeps... When I got the email it said sweeps. LOL! Maybe I will win it! :)