Outreach at the skate park

This last weekend a few kids from our youth group and our church went to the event taking place at the skate park.  They brought in JSAW-Called into Action and the mission and vision of JSAW is: 
Mission: Transforming action sports culture by reaching youth
Vision: Helping others to create positive environments within action sports culture where youth can be introduced to Jesus Christ and enter into discipleship.

JSAW then partnered up with Siren Pro, Zac Archuleta.  It was a very neat experience watching these skate boarders.  As a mom my heart was  beating fast anytime there was a fall.  It was neat to see the wide variety of ages participate in this event.  I was shocked at how young some of these boarders were.

We went to simple hand out free hot-dogs and allow the Holy Spirit to move us and use us when ever.  I had one young boy come and get a hot-dog from me and I asked him if he was competing.  He said he was not able to compete due to a pinched nerve in his back.  He then walked away and I sat there thinking, sorry God you wanted me to pray for that young man and his pinched nerve.  Quickly after I thought that he came back over to get more ketchup and I asked him if he was in pain and he replied "yep it kinda is always achey."  Then I asked him if I could pray for him and he paused and then said "I think that will be alright."  So I prayed for him to recieve healing.  I could tell he was out of his comfort zone but I have been praying for him and praying seeds were planted.  :)

After the kids competed in different experience levels  they had the pro skater, Zac come up and speak and give his testimony.  It was fantastic!  There had to of been about 20 kids raise their hand for salvation!  :)  AMEN n AMEN!  Hubby and I are hoping to get down to the skate park more and develop relationships with these kids and hope that they will come to youth group or church some time!  :)

After the talk all the kids were in for a surprise...BLESSING!!  CCS is  skateboard company and at first they were going to give away a couple skate boards but when they heard what we were doing they got ALL the kids a new deck n wheels!  You should have seen the excitement... WOWZERS!  They were so thrilled it was fun!

Overall, I know God used me and I know he is not done with that young man!  I am believing in healing and salvation for him!

This boy was very young and very good! 


Unknown said…
Wow! Very cool!! I hope that little boy will be able to skate one day, too. You and your family are so amazing! Great job! :)