Selah Sayings...

Today this was the conversation I had with my 3 year old.  
 Her-"Mom, We talked about Moses at childrens church." 

Me-"Neat, what about Moses?"

Her- "Well, his mom put him in a basket and  a Princess found him.  The princess had make up on and she was very nice."

LOL!  Make up???  LOL  At least I know she is getting the important details.  

Then a couple more minutes she said, "Mom I love Daddy the most, but I still love you."
Me-"Why do you love Daddy most?"
Her-"Well we are family."  

Not sure if she knows what MOST MEANS.  LOL!  It was cute.  


Heather said…
She cracks me up! What a cutie :)

I can't wait til Andy starts talking!!!
Mary @ Redo 101 said…
I love hearing kid stories more than anything - they are soooo funny! I love that "makeup" detail :)

I'm "following" your blog from the social hop and would love a follow back - thanks!

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