Selah Sayings...

I had 2 proud mama moments today!  

First this morning we were out running errands with a friend who has 2 girls.  One of the girls got hurt and my daughter said "let me pray for you" and "Jesus will heal you."  She laid her hands on her friend and said a sweet lil prayer.  AMEN

Then I was cutting apples and we just got some new knives so I cut myself a little bit which caused it to bleed.  My daughter saw it and said "Oh no!"  "Mommy your bleeding."  "You should pray." "No!  I will Pray" Then she laid her hands on me and prayed for healing for my lil cut.  It warmed my heart and made me feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful little girl who knows the power of prayer!

I will continue to pray that she has a boldness to share God's love and to pray for miracles and wonders. :)  PRAISE God for her giant loving heart.  :)


Sunday Baker said…
Love it! Stopping by from Blog Links!