Ten reasons why you would want to visit Virgina Beach

I am in need of a vacation!  Are you???

How about a fantastic trip to Virginia Beach!!!  Many of you know I live in Wisconsin so I would prefer to leave the state and see the amazing ocean and I think Virginia Beach would be a great place for me and my wonderful family.  

Here are my top 10 reasons why I want to go to Virginia beach and why you should too:
1. Stress-Everyone needs to get out of the daily grind and have time to re-energize away from home. What a great way to relax then to go fishing on a pier, soak your toes in some sand, and eat some yummy food!  :)   

2.  Build a sandcastle!  My daughter loves the sand and I know we could build one magnificent castle. 

3. The Virginia Aquarium would be a perfect day outing with our family of four.  I love learning about  all the animals of the sea and my daughter has shown a big interest in fish and turtles, but what is more exciting is the whale watching!  HOW COOL!  :) 

4. I know I can convince my hubby to go to Virginia beach when I say "SURFING LESSONS."  I think I will stay on shore with camera in hand and get some great photos of him learning the waves.  

5. A kayak adventure with dolphins!  I AM SOLD!  I have always loved dolphins so this would be an awesome adventure in my book.  

6. A visit to the National Aviation Monument, Francis Land House, or take one of the History Tours.  I think this would be a neat way to teach my daughter about our history.   Virginia Beach has a lot of history and I want to teach my kids about our history.  

7. One of the first dates that my husband and I had was hiking.  I think taking a hike up one of the trails at First Landing State Park or climbing up Old Cape Henry Lighthouse would bring back some memories of old past memories.  

8. GO PARA-SAILING!  That would be a brand new adventure that we have never done.  I am all for trying new adventures.  I think this would be a great hubby n wife date while on vacation!

9. Visit Mount Trashmore Park for the kids to have some fun.  It is a must to visit a playground when you have young kids.  

10.  No vacation is a vacation until you hit up a water-park!  I think our family would have a great time visiting Ocean Breeze Water-park, going down water-slides and swimming is a vacation must.

I could probably find 10 more reasons why I want to visit Virginia Beach but I think I will stop writing my list and start saving money in our vacation fund!  :) I love when I can find a vacation spot that has so many things to offer...especially for a family.  :)  

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MumLee said…
Looks like I must visit VA beach...:)

By the way, thank you for stopping by my blog. I am following you now..:)
h. mcnaron said…
Great post! I love the cute diving dolphin pic. Thanks for sharing. Check out my list too:
Maybe you'll want to follow me back while you're there?

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