Thankful Thursday's

Praising God this week for:

1. My AC in my apartment during this heatwave.
2. The fun crafts I did with my daughter: ice cube painting and puffy paint.  :)
3. The trust I have in God.  He closed one door but I still trust him.!
4. Being able to share a message at youth group... Jehovah Ori=The Lord is my Light!
5. Grandma is coming to visit this weekend!  YAY!

What are you praising HIM for?  


Amy said…
I am praising Him for continuing to teach me. Isn't it amazing that the Lord of the universe loves me so much that he takes the time to teach me lessons. I am so often floored by his love, grace, and mercy. Have a blessed Thursday <3
Unknown said…
Thank you for this post! I am praising Him because he never leaves us.
I really appreciate what you write and I look up to you as a Godly woman. I just wrote a post about marriage. I have some questions about it and was wondering if you could take a look? And if you could give me some advice, I would really appreciate it! Here is the link:
Unknown said…
Thank you for your wonderful comment, it is very encouraging. Your words are full of wisdom and I take them to heart.
Awesome Ladies!

Daisy-U R Welcome and thank you... I still pray often for more wisdom! :)