What have you done because of lack of sleep?

I know we all have done some stupid things from lack of sleep.   I want to hear some of your funny stories.

Like today I finished my lunch and walked to the fridge and put my dirty bowl in the fridge rather then the dishwasher.  LOL

How many times have I put the cereal box in the fridge rather then the pantry.  LOL

I had a coworker come to work wearing 2 different pairs of shoes!  TALK ABOUT FUNNY!!!

Or how about mid way through the day after you have had your millionth wedgie you realize your underwear is on backwards!  LOL!

I remember brushing my teeth with my daughters toothbrush before too...that toothpaste was so sweet. ugg


Jenn said…
Its funny you posted this, last night around midnight my sister in law showed up with something for me and Aaron, I got out of bed, walked down to her, she handed me money, I gave it back and went back to bed and forgot she was even here!
Unknown said…
The list is so long lol.. I've done MANY crazy things because of lack of sleep.. leaving the house without a bra.. forgetting to pick up my son from school, (I wasn't too late, there were still a few students hanging out lol)...wearing my shirt backwards... putting dinner in the crockpot and forgetting to turn it on. It's so funny to look back and laugh about the things we do when we're sleep deprived! The joys of being a mother :)

Aloha from Maui, I'm a new follower from Blog Hop. Have a wonderful weekend!
Jenn-Wow... I dont think I would ever be too sleepy to hand money back! LOL

Luana- I would have been so disappointed about not turning the crock pot on! BUMMER!

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