What is the deal?? Car issues are a drag!

So I am keeping a good attitude about this but it just seems so very odd.

On Wednesday my husband was out n about and then his car did not start so me and the kiddos had to go rescue him and we went to buy a new battery for his car and then it was all good.

Then yesterday my car did not start.  Hubby came home and jumped in and we thought I must not have shut a door tight or something??  But then it died again....:(  My battery is only 2 years old so last night he took the battery out and hooked it up to this charger thingy.  This morning he said it started.  I have not gone anywhere today so I will try it this afternoon.

Praying that there are no more attacks on our vehicles.  They are both paid for so doing maintenance is better then a car payment every month.  I just do not want to have my car die when I am out with 2 young kids!


Well Praise God my car seemed great today!
Madeline said…
Cars are tempermental , as my husband often says! Ours has bad days, and then really great days! I'm glad your car was good today!
Unknown said…
I think my car had sympathy pains for you this weekend! The alternator died on our way out of town for the 4th weekend. Luckily we weren't that far from home and really lucky my boyfriend knows a little something about cars because he fixed it right up on Saturday.

It sounds a little like your alternator in your car might have gone out. My car battery would hold a charge from being jumped, but since the alternator wasn't working the charge would quickly die out while we were driving and then wouldn't start up if we stopped (or after it died).

If it is your alternator it isn't too difficult to fix and you can probably have your hubby just do it and get the part at autozone. Not very expensive either :)

Good luck!!! I hope it all turns out to be something easy to fix!
Sara-Glad your hubby is good with cars. Mine is too! He actually had to change his alternator a couple months ago in his car. My car seems to be doing great so far! :)

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