America's Got Talent

I am sitting here with my daughter contemplating if this show is getting to odd or inappropriate for us.  Don't get me wrong most of the acts are family friendly but I am beginning to think that they will allow anything now on TV.  I started thinking about this at the beginning of the season since they had 2 pole dancers but one being a is just odd.  

The kicker was the last two weeks watching the West Springfield Dance Team.  Now I understand that their theme is horror dance but I had to turn the channel because I will not allow my daughter to see images like that.  They are talented dancers but they are scary looking and scary music!  :(  It just makes me think that Hollywood continues to break walls and break standards.  

Just venting because a show that I would think would be family friendly is starting to get my two thumbs down!!!

What are your thoughts? 


Unknown said…
I had to quit watching after the male pole dancer. That was just wrong on so many levels...
I know!! I dont want to watch a female pole dancer let alone a male one!
Carol said…
We also had to turn the channel when the male pole dancer came on. The other day I thought it would be safe to watch a rerun of "Friends" while the kids played and STILL had to turn the channel because one of them was kissing another guy as an acting gig...but I didn't even want to have to explain it to my 5 year old grandson. We now watch Family Game Night A LOT because that's what he requests, and some of the shows such as Swamp People...but it's becoming increasingly hard to find Family Friendly shows. It just makes me sick. (by the daughter was on her blog and trying to follow you back, and then somehow it linked to mine where I am following you instead!! She had to go back in hers and "follow" you again!! ) So, nice to meet you, I'm a Grandmother to two in Texas, and a mother to two as well!! :)
Amy said…
This is why we only have antenna and never watch anything but football. There is nothing safe for our families to watch anymore. Sad really...
Ruth said…
I so agree with you. My daughter loves America's Got Talent, and I am glad we have a DVR. It's nice to fast-forward through the non-family friendly acts. My biggest struggle as of late is Howie's treatment of Piers. Okay, I know that Piers is arrogant and rude at times, but I generally agree with him. I have enjoyed the "feud" between Howie and Piers, but last week's antics really upset me. Even Piers called Howie out last week for not being respectful of the performing group. And then this week when Howie brought acts back on the show just to irritate Piers--not because they were good.

From the inception of the show, there have been non-family friendly acts--strippers, sword-eaters, songs with foul language--it just goes to show that you have to watch out for everything on TV. I think we're only in for more situations like this in the future.

By the way, I am planning to begin following you right after I finish this comment! I love your blog!
i wish we had a dvr so I could skip the ickies!

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