Amusement Park at Bay Beach

You all are going to be jealous you don't live in Wisconsin so you can go to Bay Beach in Green Bay Wisconsin. This is an amusement park where it costs $0 to get into the park and the rides are .25 cents to .50 cents and the food is affordable too!  :)  We went this week and we had a great time!  There are a ton of rides for little kids so Selah had an amazing time.

Yep, I went on the Helicopter ride with her.  :) 

She was so happy to get the pink "lady bug."
 Train Ride around the park!

Another plus is most lines are short or even no line at all.  The longest wait we had was to ride the train but I still did not think it took that long. :)   


Unknown said…
That looks like a fun time! She looks so cute in those rides, too. :)
We were just there a week ago. It was soooo hot. And it was packed, but it was a beautiful day on the weekend so it was understandable. My new baby didn't enjoy the 90 degrees and humidity, but the little man had a blast. I didn't get a chance to go on the Zippin Pippin. Did you?! Love Bay Beach and how low priced it is too. We'll have to go back before season's end.


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