Cell phone contract versus TracFone?

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I have been considering buying my dad a cell phone for some time now.  He is in his 60's and well he is not techy in anyway!  I have considered putting him on my cell phone plan but now looking over pay as you go plans I think for him a TracFone would be perfect.  In fact their phones have really improved and now you can even surf the internet.  :)  It is almost tempting to figure out a way for us to not have a contract and go this route.  WE have a contract for another year!  I don't know if you are like me but I hate when the cell phone bill arrives in the mail.  We pay too much for ours!!! Click here to hear from real TracFone customers and hear why they love their tracfone.  

So what do I like about the Tracfone?  First and foremost I like the fact that there are NO surprises, NO contracts, NO hidden costs or fees, NO activation, or  NO cancelation fee's.  Another thing I look for is good service and the Tracfone does have good reception and nationwide coverage.  The Tracfone also has no extra costs for worldwide locations.  Also, if you are on a budget then this might be the plan for you.  The Tracfone can be the most affordable cell phone for anyone in America.  Their are many real TracFone customers that are saving money and loving their phone!  They are also offering great programs to "double your minutes for the life of your phone"!  :)  HOW COOL! 

For my dad he would need a simple and easy phone but Tracfone offers many different brands of phones including: Nokia, LG, Samsung, and "smart phones."  They also have great phones that offer so many features that I would use including camera and video camera, web access, application capabilities, Mp3 player, and a full qwerty keyboard at affordable prices.  

Have you considered ditching the contract?  I also think when my kids are old enough for a phone this would be the best way to go and a cheap way to keep in touch.  There are many real TracFone customers who are happy they ditched the contract and are still enjoying keeping in touch with family and friends.  












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Oh my goodness, we most definitely need to consider this for my in-laws! Trying to get them to consider a cell phone has been difficult to say the least, but I think this might do the trick--thank you for your thoughts! New follower via Super Stalker Sunday. :)

Anette said…
There is a lot to be said and praised about Tracfone's plans and features.
My father who is a senior has a Tracfone because it has a cheap plan which gives service for as little as $6.66/month and he bought the lowest priced phone for seniors on the market from Tracfone for $14.99. This phone is great for seniors needs like larger no.'s on the screen, larger keys and it's hearing aid friendly.
The SVC Samsung T155G clam shaped phone.
The phone is small and light to carry around everywhere comfortably. I think every senior should have a cell phone to use in an emergency situation and they're going to have to phone 911 for help if no one is around. I think you'd feel a lot more at peace if you knew your dad can phone you at any time on a quick dial no. if he needs you.
Anette0 That is very good to know!! I think a phone with big numbers would be helpful too!

My only concern is him setting it somewhere and forgetting it.

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