Cereal time!

It is so hard to know when you should really start to feed your baby infant cereal but Titus is now 4.5 months old and has shown so much interest in food.  It seemed like every time he was watching us eat he would try to grab it and on time he did get a hold on my banana and put it right to his mouth.  It was very cute.   I know with breast fed babies they say to wait until 6 months and I am not in a hurry but we have gone ahead and given Titus some baby cereal.  We have done it a couple times.   The first time he grabbed the spoon and had more fun with the spoon but was putting the spoon to his mouth, smarty pants!  His sister did the exact same thing!  The next time he was such a messy boy but seemed to really enjoy eating it.  I did notice that the day after he ate he did not poop and then the following day had several!  So his little system has to figure it all out!  

A couple pictures to showcase little man:

This looks yummy! 

My thumb tastes good now.  :) 

As you can see he wanted to be a big helper and feed himself.   

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Janie said…
Awee :) Big milestone!! My kids hated rice cereal.
Mandi said…
What a fun time this is! I totally remember the transition to rice cereal with both my kids.

Dropping off some love from the Wild Weekend hop. <3 New follower.

Smile and Mama With Me
Unknown said…
Those are adorable pics!! I miss those days :)

Bella had a full mouth of teeth by 8 months, so she was eating table food by 4-5 months too. It was amazing how much she enjoyed eating!!
Spanish Pinay said…
As what they always say, babies have their own pace that must be respected and followed. Your adorably cute little one shows that he's ready for solids! :) You're doing so right in taking advantage of his growing curiosity with food. Babies follow their instincts and when this is followed through by us parents, they learn to trust their instincts more and in general themselves.

Mine also started showing interest on food as early as 4 months. So we gave her cereals as early as 4 something months and at the beginning she's was really eager but then in the end, she didn't like the taste of cereal and lost interest... but she didn't lose interest with other food. She doesn't like baby food at all... so we went straight to solids like small bites of fruits, etc :)

Gosh, I want to squeeze your little one and sniff him till I lose my breath! LOL

I so love babies! and mine has already left babyhood agh.

Spanish Pinay
MommyMandi said…
So cute! This is my first baby and we started cereal around 4 months too. She just spit it out, but we tried on and off. She is now 8 months old and is eating so many different things. She is still a messy eater. Ha ha! :)