Chucky Cheese's during staycation

The other night the family and I went to Chucky Cheese's.  We had a fun time and it was very affordable.   :) We had a great coupon for 1 large pizza and 3 drinks plus 50 game tokens all for $19.99.  The pizza was yummy and we ended up getting 70 game tokens!  We were there for a long time playing.  This was my daughters first time there and she loved it!  :)  I like the fact that some of the games would print a picture out.  HOW FUN!  :)  So we did a lot of the photo ones because my daughter loves her picture taken.



Unknown said…
That looks like so much fun and what agreat deal!
Jessica said…
My five year old son looooves Chuck E Cheese!! Looks like everyone had such a fun time!! I am your newest follower from the Friday Blog Hop!!
My kids looooove Chuck E. Cheese!