Como Zoo

I had a fantastic time today with my kids but also my sister.  What a blessing it is for me to have this day to share with my sister and my 2 kiddo's.  Como Zoo is in Minnesota and it is a fantastic zoo with no admission!  :) 

 Our cute group:

Aunt Kelly and Selah

Selah's favorite animal exhibit... GIRAFFES of course! 

My lil monkeys! 

2 years ago she was afraid of the animal statues.  Now she was asking to get her picture taken.  

LOL, he grabbed this and put it in his mouth...good think he could not suck it up.  ;)

What is your favorite animal?  


MommyMandi said…
We went to the Zoo this weekend too. But we had to pay to get it. :( I'll put my post up later. My favorite animal is the monkeys!
Looks like you had lots of fun...I haven't been to the zoo for a while now...made me want to go back and visit.
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