Dyed beans and noodles

Over the weekend Selah and I had some fun dyeing beans and noodles.  There are several different ways to do this but the way we did this was:
in a bowl add water, white vinegar and food coloring
stir every 15 minutes for about 2 hours
then spread on a pan and put in the oven on a lower temp for about 10-15 minutes
take off the tray and spread out and keep out over night to continue to let them air dry.  

That looks so pretty!

Are you excited looking at all of this... imagine all the fun stuff we can do with this!  :) 
They kinda looked like jelly beans... make sure if you do this you reinforce them that this is not something to eat!  

Stay tuned for our projects!  :) 


I love that you colored beans, too! My little ones and I did pasta a few months ago:
The activities are truly endless. I'll be interested to see what you come up with!
oh, how colorful & fun!!! So many things you can do with this!!!!! can't wait to see how you use it all!!!!

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