I love imaginations

I have mentioned that I work part time at the YMCA and my kids come with me since I work in the Mini Care, so parents can drop off their kids and go workout.  

Well yesterday morning we had a very small crowd...only 4 kids!  The 3 older kids played so nice together and it was so fun to sit back and watch their imagination take over.  They put on a "princess and Prince" show to a huge audience of dolls.  :)  As you can see in the picture they took time setting up chairs and a stage.  :) 

I love watching kids play without any suggestions from adults, just pure imagination and fun!  


Meggie said…
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Unknown said…
Aww That's so fun! I miss those days...that part of being a kid was so fun!

Thanks for the blog visit! I look forward to reading more of yours!
Very cute! Isn't it great?
Spanish Pinay said…
awww this is soo cute!

by the way, thanks for your suggestion about earning something through blogging. I haven't gotten much chance to read on all the comments and respond to each of them, so I'm kinda replying a bit late :-D If ever I decide to join any of them, I am definitely sure I'll to sign up through your referal link :)

Spanish Pinay
Spanish Pinay- Thanks for being such an awesome blog follower! :) Don't get too overwhelmed with all the ways to monotize your blog. Maybe pick one and try and learn that one. My favorite right now is the blogvertise. :)