I want a new comforter set... no I am thankful for what I have!

Do you ever have days where you look around the house and think I would love to replace this and that and oh if I had more money I would get one of these days?  I know it is very silly for me to WANT instead I should be thankful for all the things I do have.  I am very thankful!  God has blessed me so much and I am so grateful!

For instance it would be kinda fun to replace my cheap shower curtain with a nice elegant shower curtain.  Then I think about it more and with 2 kids what purpose would I have to needing an elegant shower curtain especially when I live in an apartment.  LOL

Another thing I love buying is comforter sets.  I love getting into bed with fresh sheets.  I would love to buy a yellow comforter set  or even some faux leather pillows, but then I am reminded that my husband sweats while he sleeps and my fun yellow comforter and sheets would soon be discolored from sweat stains.  I love you dear and your sweaty spells.  LOL, I guess we will stick with our brown sheets.  :)

Do you ever have to sit back and rethink your motives.  I am very thankful for the things I have and there is a huge difference between a want and a need.  I am going to start teaching my daughter more about wants and needs but first I had to assess myself and I realized I fall into the want want want attitude.  So I am changing to a grateful and happy attitude and praise God for the many blessings he gives me daily!  :)   Who knows someone might just be led to bless us with one of those many things that I think I need even though I am blessed with a perfectly good one now.  :)

Thank-you Jesus for providing for all of my needs!  Help me to not be selfish in my wants but to have a heart of thanksgiving to  you!


Unknown said…
Amen! I completely agree with you. We are so spoiled and yet we want more! Not realizing that God is enough. The rest is just extra :) Great post!