Monopoly game-Any winners out there?

How many of you are playing the Monopoly game at your grocery store??  I am so close to winning many of the prizes but no wins as of yet.  I would really love to win the Ipad for my hubby.  

Any of you win anything yet?  I have gotten several win 2 more game tickets and a free Weight Watcher dessert and can of veggies.   I was hoping that the game pieces would have higher valued coupons rather then .25 cents off.   

Tonight as I was opening all my little game pieces I could not help but think is this a waste of time?  Each piece takes time to open up and then the board has so many choices that you don't want to accidently   throw a winning piece away.  

I want to hear of someone winning something!!!  So have you won anything yet??  My sister did win $250 grocery gift card so that is awesome.  


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