Number Number Numbers

About a week ago I posted about using some yogurt covered raisins as manipulative's for counting.  On that post Mom of 2 Posh lil Divas commented on the post and mentioned making a counting book with stickers or bingo doters.  Well I loved the idea so we did both.  :)  Selah is starting to recognize her numbers!  :)  YAY!  She is doing well with counting but she wants to keep on counting without stopping when we are talking about a certain number.   Making these two books was fun but good practice and now we can reuse them to practice our counting over and over and number recognition until she has it mastered.  :)  

 I let her place the numbers anywhere but I think I might make a set of numbers using the touch point placement.  :)   I like touch point math.  :)  I learned it in 2nd grade and sometimes I still picture where the dots are.  

On to stickers.  

What are you doing to teach numbers? I would love more and more ideas!  :) 

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Unknown said…
what a fun idea!!!! Making learning fun is the BEST! :)
YAY! So glad you found my comment helpful! Looks like fun & a great reusable book to keep on practicing those numbers! :)


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