Nurse Nana in about another year.

Selah's Nana is currently going to school to be a nurse.  I think it is great!  Anthony's mother is not old by any means but I still think it took courage to go back to school after being out of school for many years.  So far she is doing amazing, especially in some of those harder classes.  We are very proud of her! 

I think we might have to surprise her with some new medical scrubs from  There are many different types of scrubs out there from scrubs for women to scrubs for men

There is something that makes your work feel worthwhile once you put on that first pair of scrubs.  :)  We want to make sure we continue to encourage Nana so she knows we are proud of her.  Time to go shop for some fun medical scrubs for Nana.  :)

Do you know anyone who is stepping out and going back to school?  I remember when I was in college there were only a few people not in there young 20's but now a days I think it is more and more common. :) 


Unknown said…
My mom is going back to school. She started last year and is continuing this year. I'm so proud of her!

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How great that she's going back to school!! Blue Sky Scrubs has lots of cute scrubs!! And I love their scrub hats. Such cute patterns.