Painting with anything and everything

We felt like painting so we got creative.  We walked around the house and outside searching for things we could "paint" with.  

So here is the set up:
long paper rolled out
paint on a tray
squishy ball
guitar pick

First up was the squishy ball (her favorite).

Next a golf ball and I loved the dotted effect it gave.  

She loves getting messy!

Next, was painting with a leaf and she thought this was hard but after I showed her that less paint was better she liked it.  

Oh, the fun you can have with a straw.  She struggled blowing hard enough but she thought it was so funny cause she got paint all over her lips.  

Laughing because I told her she had blue lips. 

 Getting ready to help clean up the mess. 

Too late she is the mess!  She was due for a bath anyways and it was washable paint so it all came off in the wash. 

I saved the paper again and I think I am going to wrap her birthday present in it!  :)  


Unknown said…
Fun, fun, fun!! My kids LOVE painting w/ anything & everything too :)
MommyMandi said…
I love this! How creative! And that you thought to save it and wrap presents in it. Awesome!
Unknown said…
How creative this whole thing is and looks like so much fun!
Theresa said…
The kids look like they are having a ball!

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Reasonably Less said…
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We did this in the spring with leaves, dandelions, rocks, etc. I don't know if you guys have sweet gum trees up there, with those little spiky balls? But, if you get an old oatmeal container and tape a piece of paper on the inside, throw a couple of those spiky balls and a couple drops of paint in--then shake it, it makes really cool stationery-type paper. Jaycee loves getting messy too. We painted yesterday and she had the paint all on the bottom of her feet and up her legs. I was having a hard time with it, but it came right off in the sprinkler. Your daughter looks like she was having a great time!
ah, the sheer joy of getting messy and getting to use everything in sight to paint! :) FUN!

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