See you at the Pole 2011

Start praying for teens to be BOLD in their Faith and stand at their flag pole to pray for their friends, peers, school, community, and nation.  

This is one thing I look forward to each fall.  Our youth group usually does a pre-rally that is the night before to get kids excited and pray over them to have courage and boldness in their faith.  :) 

This year the theme is: Converge- come together, unite, connect...

Whenever two or three of you come together
 in my name, I am there with you.Matthew

 18:20 CEV

Help get the schools near you started with See you At the Pole if they don't have it currently.  Encourage teens to get to their pole!  :)  Pray with them on that day!  :) (must be student lead) Also check out the official See You At the Pole website for free resources.  


Unknown said…
I remember when I usto do this in high school!!! How awesome :) Ill be praying for that.