Seeking forgiveness at 2 am!

So who was seeking forgiveness at 2 am well who other then my Lil Selah!  We had a late night and she was very cranky.  She was throwing a fit for no reason and would not brush her teeth so I put her straight in bed without her usually bed time routine of teeth, bible story, and prayer.  We just hit the limit where she could not get anything completed without huge waterworks!  I really was not frustrated I just knew it was past her bedtime and she only cried for another 5 minutes or even less once she was in bed.

Well at 2 am I heard her come into my bedroom and I had a bit of confusion but she came to my side of the bed and said "mom, I'm sorry for the attitude" and had her toothbrush with toothpaste on it all ready.  It was so adorable.  Unfortunately she thought that since we brushed her teeth at 2 am that we would read a story but I had to explain that it was too late but I forgave her and was thankful for her apology.  She started to cry again because she was hoping that her apology would mean a story.  Tough lesson to learn at 3!


Jenn said…
So cute!!!! Love that she understands the concept of asking forgiveness!!!
What an adorable story. And seeking forgiveness no matter what the time was a wonderful thing. :o)
Spanish Pinay said…
Awww, she's so cute. It's so nice to see the fruit of parent's good education to children. She's such a darling!

Spanish Pinay
Thanks Spanish Pinay! :) I feel blessed! :)
Carolyn said…
Wow, April! That is amazing. She's got a heart of gold!
Jessica said…
What a sweet story!

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