Shapes, counting, tracing, coloring, gluing beans= FUN

As I sat down to type this I realized we worked on so many skills in this one activity.  I found some great printable's for a shape book.  On each page it had a shape to trace then on the other side it had a number 1-4 and what ever number was shown we colored that many of the shapes.  Then we used some of our fun colored beans to glue inside the traced shape.  Now we have a book to review shapes.  It covered a ton of shapes too. :)  Selah had already mastered square, triangle, circle, star, heart, oval and now she is learning  cube, pentagon, rectangle, cylinder, diamond and even a few more challenging ones.     

Anyone of my followers notice a theme with my daughter???  Yep, her mouth is always open or her tongue is out.  CUTE! 


Unknown said…
Looks like a great project! Love her 'concentration face'
Thanks for hooking up with Thirsty for Comments on Acting Balanced today!