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She never eats the apple skin!

Come on mom's how do you get your children to eat the skins of their apple?  Or in general how do you get your children to eat veggies?  Or, how do you get your children to not be picky and just eat?  

Eating has always been an issue for my daughter.  She is so picky!  It takes her about 20 times seeing it before she finally will try it and every time she figures out she loves it!  For instance we eat rice a lot and it took her until this year to finally try it and now she gobbles it up.  She is not big on eating any cooked veggies so I have to hide them in things.  She does like spinach and carrots and corn.  Spinach is "leaves and broccoli is "trees."  


Savannah said…
My son is like that...very finicky eater...he doesn't eat his apple peels either! We have the hardest time with meals for him..i just try to hide veggies as much as possible, the Deceptively Delicious cookbook is good, and i get the v8 fusion juices from time to time..and he gets daily vitamin..he's doing better at meals but still picky lol
Katie said…
If you figure out the mystery let me know. I think it's a texture issue with my daughter and I hope she'll out grow it.


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