Thankful Thursday's

I almost forgot that it was Thursday!  So here is my list of things I am PRAISING and THANKING God for this week.  :)  

1. A nice vacation with my family.  Which included a zoo trip, a date night with the hubby, an amusement park, baseball game, pool, and Chucky Cheese.  :) 
2. Receiving some new products to review and giveaway.  :) 
3. Rest over the weekend I went to bed at 8pm and slept till 7:30 am (i still got up to feed little man but it was amazing.) 
4. Rearranging my living room, it feels more spacious and I like the change.  :) 
5. My family because they bring me so much joy each day!  LOVE LOVE xoxoxoxoxo

What are you praising GOD for or about this week?  


Kasi said…
I love your list...And I decided to make my own...Thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
newest follower :)
Unknown said…
Wow great list, sounds like a fun vacation, can't go wrong with chuckee cheese. New follower from blog hop Friday. Please come by and check out our new blog! Be Blessed!

Cornelio and Marlene Chacon Sr.

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