This is why I love to blog...

I love blogging so much but I love it when I know I've inspired someone.  Inspired them in their walk with God or to be a better parent or even as simple as a craft with their kids or a meal for the family.  

Today I received a touching email and I had to share it because it made my morning.  I will keep her anonymous but THANK-you for encouraging me to keep sharing!  Here is the email: 

Hi April!  Thank you so much – this is awesome!  I am so happy I came across your blog via Twitter – I really enjoy it.  I also wanted to you to know how much I enjoyed your post “Forgiveness at 2 am”. I have a little girl close in age to your daughter (mine is almost 4), and I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I haven’t been great about teaching her the concept of forgiveness (well, at home, anyway. She goes to a Christian preschool and she hears it at church – but I need to reinforce it at home too).  I guess I figured she’d learn it at age 5/6. Your post inspired me to remember the importance of the Gospel basics (even for preschoolers) and I’m going to get her a special kids’ Bible this week.

God bless!

I pray your daughter will love her new Bible and God continues to grow in her heart and he would guide you as you raise your Princess of the MOST HIGH!  

AAAAHHHHH!  LOVED IT!!! God- Thanks for all the blessings you continue to shower me with.