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Birth Control Frenzy

How frustrated was I to get my menstruation only about 8 weeks after having my son... ME!!!  With my daughter I was free from monthly periods until she was 9 months old but things are so different with my son.  I have had many hormonal days since having him, but the question and biggest issues was not just getting my period but getting it every 2 weeks!  2 times a month for a 6 day stretch has been my nightmare since June!  :( I mean headaches, and moodiness are all too much!  I feel like I should hand out apology letters to friends and family because I might have been short or rude to them! 

Well the frustration got to much in August so I started doing more research on my options as a breast feeding mamma I need a progesterone only option.  There were 3 options that I felt I could choose from but for some reason I was not getting peace about them.  The 3 options consisted of Norplant, mini pills, or Depo Provera injections.  Well, I crossed off injections because who wants to have to go get a shot all the time?? Not me.  I thought long and hard about the Norplant since you can become period free.  I mean not having to worry about tampons or pads would be amazing but for some reason I did not feel comfortable with that idea, it seems so unnatural not to have your period.  I just want something to regulate my, provide some protection, and be safe while I am breast feeding.  

I was believing and praying I would not need birth control but I went ahead and got some.  So I decided on the mini pill and I started it earlier this month.  I was so disappointed when I got another period only a week and a half after my last one while on it.  The doctor said it could take a couple months to regulate but I am just tired of the head aches, body aches, tiredness, and crankiness.     So I am still waiting and praying for my body to regulate!

My apologies on this post as I like to always remain positive... PRAISES of a wife and mommy.  Just being real and I am sure I am not the only mommy who has struggled with menstruation after giving birth! 


Amy said…
Hormones are a nasty thing. Praying that it all levels out. I've been there where you are. Nursing is hard work for us Momma's. I'm proud of you for putting up with the hardships to bless your child. Hugs to you!
Amanda said…
Have you looked at natural progesterone replacement therapies? I.E. plant-based not animal based? There's a product called Progessence Plus which is produced by Young Living Essential Oils. It has the *exact* same chemical make up as human progesterone. You might look into it. It has been great for me in regulating my periods!
Kasi said…
Praying for you...Birth control is some horrible stuff to deal with...I've had my issues with it...
Amanda, I have not heard of those natural methods. I am very interested in learning more.

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