Birthday fast approaching!!

My little Selah is almost 4!!  I am so excited for Selah's party to arrive in 2 weeks!  :)  Everyone who is coming to the party has been asking what to get her.  Toys toys toys... they are everywhere!  Kids toys and kids games are so fun at any age.  I love that toys have a suggested age on the box!  I have no idea what idea's to tell everyone?  I mean she is definitely in the princess phase but I don't want her to only have that stuff.   She honestly will love anything but it would also be good to get more preschool things and arts n craft supplies.  All I know is every morning for the next 2 weeks she will be asking if it is her birthday!  :)  I LOVE HER and her excitement!

Also, what do you spend on a gift for a child's birthday present?  


Amy said…
How fun! Little Bit was born in January so that makes it hard right after Christmas. We are a family of gift givers. I think My Mom and I share that spiritual gift. I spent around 100 on him for his birthday last year.
Anonymous said…
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