Busy Busy busy!!

Hi faithful followers,

Sorry for the lack of updates!  Life is very busy and I have not had much spare time today make any new updates.

My daughter had her 4th birthday party last night!  It was so much fun and I am sure she will remember it for.   a very long time.  I will make a big post with pictures hopefully later today!  I am so excited to share the cake with you all...it was so adorable and tasty!

Glad the Packers won yesterday, but I lost my fantasy match.

Well we are off to Gymnastics class!


Heather said…
Girl, you and me both! Our son's 2nd bday was Saturday! Crazy life for us mamas! :D Looking forward to seeing the pics.
Sounds like you were busy loving your family. That is one of the best reasons not to be online! Cant wait to see the pictures though :D
Madeline said…
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